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Editorial review

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Pedro Castro Senior editor

This review applies to version 25.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Firefox ranks among the most widely used web browsers. This preference is not casual if we take into consideration the multiple advantages this application has.
Probably the most widely valued of its characteristics is speed, due to its highly efficient rendering engine. However, this is not the only reason why so many users have chosen Firefox as their default browser. Other appreciated characteristics are its low usage of resources and its compatibility with various web standards.

Firefox has an easy-to-use, nicely designed interface. Moreover, if you do not like the default look, you will probably find another one you like, because there is an extensive set of skins available online. However, in my opinion, it does not look as streamlined as Google Chrome. As most modern browsers, it allows using tabs to browse various web pages at the same time. Some recent modifications to the way tabs are used include closing a group of tabs with a click, but it does not let re-open recently closed tabs right from the toolbar.

Although versions of this program are available for a long list of languages, it is a pity that you cannot readily switch between languages, something you can easily do in Chrome. Fortunately, it does allow spell checking in multiple languages.

As this browser has a wide supportive community, frequent versions are released, which bring the user an increasing number of advantages. For example, the newest versions of Firefox can play H.264 video without the need to install add-ons or extensions. Similarly, they can manage Javascript objects with increasing efficiency, thus reducing the time necessary to render pages. Moreover, the availability of a download manager allows you to pause and resume download jobs.

In terms of security, Firefox is among the safest browsers. It uses strong encryption algorithms to protect your data when you are using the HTTPS protocol. Likewise, it uses smart cards for proper authentication and provides antiphishing protection. Unluckily, many users claim that the antiphising mechanism (consisting on sending data to online servers) opens a breach that lessens their privacy.

As said above, Firefox is compatible with various web standards. What is more, if you install an extension called IE Tab, this will allow you to use IE's rendering engine within a Firefox tab. This can solve the problems that appear when you try to open a web page using Microsoft web


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It allows browsing various web pages at the same time.
  • It is fast and secure.
  • It allows adding add-ons.
  • It uses few resources.
  • It is compatible with various web standards.


  • It does not look as streamlined as Chrome.
  • Once installed, you cannot switch the interface language.

What's new in version 21.0

The Social API now supports multiple providers
Enhanced three-state UI for Do Not Track (DNT)
Firefox will suggest how to improve your application startup time if needed
Preliminary implementation of Firefox Health Report
Ability to restore removed thumbnails on New Tab Page
CSS -moz-user-select:none selection changed to improve compatibility with -webkit-user-select:none (bug 816298)
Graphics related performance improvements (bug 809821)
Removed E4X support from Spidermonkey
Implemented Remote Profiling
Integrated add-on SDK loader and API libraries into Firefox
Added support for element
Implemented scoped stylesheets
Added support for window.crypto.getRandomValues
Some function keys may not work when pressed (833719)
Browsing and Download history clearing needs unification to avoid confusion on clearing download history (847627)
21.0: Security fixes can be found here

What's new in version 15.0

Sites visited while in Private Browsing mode could be found through manual browser cache inspection (787743)
Silent, background updates
Support for SPDY networking protocol v3
WebGL enhancements, including compressed textures for better performance
Localization in Maithili (see all available locales)
Optimized memory usage for add-ons
JavaScript debugger integrated into developer tools
New layout view added to Inspector
High precision event timer implemented
The CSS word-break property has been implemented.
New responsive design tool allows web developers to switch between desktop and mobile views of sites
Native support for the Opus audio codec added
The and elements now support the played attribute
The element now supports the media attribute
Focus rings keep growing when repeatedly tabbing through elements (720987)

What's new in version 14.0

Google searches now utilize HTTPS
Full screen support for Mac OS X Lion implemented
The Awesome Bar now auto-completes typed URLs
Improved site identity manager, to prevent spoofing of an SSL connection with favicons
Pointer Lock API implemented
New API to prevent your display from sleeping
New text-transform and font-variant CSS improvements for Turkic languages and Greek
Various security fixes
GIF animation can gets stuck when src and image size are changed (743598)
OS X: nsCocoaWindow::ConstrainPosition uses wrong screen in multi-display setup (752149)
CSS :hover regression when an element's class name is set by Javascript (758885)

What's new in version 13.0

- A new tab shows most visited pages.
- The default home page provides quicker access to bookmarks, history, settings, sync, downloads, etc.

What's new in version 4.0 beta

It supports the WebM format so you can watch open HD quality videos.
It fixes flaws in some web standards that allow bad guys to snoop around and expose your browser history.
New JS values
Multi-touch Support
Retained layers
Firefox starts up even faster thanks to XPCOM module improvements that pave the way to a better extensions framework.
Stylin’ Pages with CSS3
HTML5 Support
Web Console
JetPack SDK (Making Add-on Development Easier)
new Direct2D Hardware Graphics Acceleration (Windows only)
Crash Protection
new HSTS

What's new in version 3.5

MFSA 2009-51 Chrome privilege escalation with FeedWriter
MFSA 2009-50 Location bar spoofing via tall line-height Unicode characters
MFSA 2009-49 TreeColumns dangling pointer vulnerability
MFSA 2009-47 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
Fixed in Firefox 3.5.2
MFSA 2009-46 Chrome privilege escalation due to incorrectly cached wrapper
MFSA 2009-45 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
MFSA 2009-44 Location bar and SSL indicator spoofing via on invalid URL
MFSA 2009-38 Data corruption with SOCKS5 reply containing DNS name longer than 15 characters
Fixed in Firefox 3.5.1
MFSA 2009-41 Corrupt JIT state after deep return from native function
MFSA 2009-35 Crash and remote code execution during Flash player unloading
Fixed in Firefox 3.5
MFSA 2009-43 Heap overflow in certificate regexp parsing
MFSA 2009-42 Compromise of SSL-protected communication
MFSA 2009-40 Multiple cross origin wrapper bypasses
MFSA 2009-39 setTimeout loses XPCNativeWrappers
MFSA 2009-37 Crash and remote code execution using watch and __defineSetter__ on SVG element
MFSA 2009-36 Heap/integer overflows in font glyph rendering libraries
MFSA 2009-34 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:1.9.1/
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Publisher's description

Make the switch to Firefox – the faster, safer, smarter way to browse the Web.
Get to your favorite sites quickly – even if you don’t remember the URLs. Type your term into the location bar (aka the Awesome Bar) and the autocomplete function will include possible matches from your browsing history, bookmarked sites and open tabs.
Sync seamlessly connects your desktop and mobile Firefoxes, so you can access your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and even open tabs no matter which device you use. Access years of desktop browsing the first day you fire up your mobile, and use saved passwords from your desktop to fill out forms on your phone.

Latest comments

  All comments (317)
  • 4
    Guest 9 days ago

    My wife and I have uninstalled every version of Mozilla Firefox in protest to the firing of their CEO. It has 1st amendment rights and I don't want the firing of people who do not agree with the political views of their employer to continue.

  • 6
    Vojta 14 days ago

    I started using Firefox as an alternative to Opera, which stopped using its Presto engine with version 12.16. I refuse to use Chrome and newer versions of Opera, so Firefox is currently my only option.

  • 5
    Guest 16 days ago

    I have been using Mozilla Firefox for years but the way Mozilla did not stand by their CEO, I am switching to a competitor and uninstalling Firefox.

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